Hello outdoor adventurists! This is Yukon calling. Did you know that over 60% of my territory is covered by northern boreal forest? I’m home to Mount Logan, Canada’s highest mountain peak, soaring to 6000 metres. There’s plenty of wildlife here too, like Grizzly bears, wolves and moose, thanks in part to a low human population, who mostly hang out in Whitehorse. Very cool city. Speaking of people, I’ve been home to humans for over 12,000 years and am proud to have a vibrant indigenous culture. Also, while I don’t want to brag, I’ve been told I’m really quite beautiful. Visit in the winter and you’ll be able to snowshoe, hike, ice fish and ski. In the summer months, people like to camp, bike, canoe, kayak or ride horses. How does that sound? Pretty perfect, right? Wish you were here!
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